R&H Supply specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide range of transformers.

Cutting-Edge Design and Calculation in Transformer Manufacturing at R&H Supply

Recognizing the complexity of modern transformers, R&H Supply employs advanced techniques in both the design and manufacturing stages:

  • Sophisticated Design Process: Our approach to transformer design incorporates the latest technological advancements, ensuring that we address the evolving sophistication of these devices.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to meet stringent quality standards and specific client requirements.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Our commitment to cutting-edge processes ensures that each product we deliver is of the highest quality, meeting the demands of modern applications.


Our legacy spans more than five decades in power transformers, reflecting deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.


We have successfully manufactured 200 new transformers, showcasing our capability in producing high-quality equipment.


A testament to our extensive experience in enhancing and repairing transformers.

600 MVA/500kV

Our facilities are equipped to handle large-scale transformer production and service needs.

Broad New Transformer Capabilities at R&H Supply

R&H Supply’s manufacturing capabilities encompass a diverse array of new transformers, designed to meet a wide range of needs:

  • Wide Voltage Range: We produce transformers up to the 525kV class, catering to high-voltage requirements.
  • Generator Step-Up (GSU) Transformers: Our GSUs are available up to 500MVA, suitable for major power generation applications.
  • Network Transformers and Autotransformers: We offer network transformers and autotransformers up to 500MVA, supporting extensive power distribution networks.
  • Specialized Transformers: Our range includes core type furnace transformers and other specialized types, tailored for specific industrial applications.

In addition to manufacturing transformers, we also undertake comprehensive projects that include additional components and systems:

  • Transformers Water Cooling Systems: Implementing efficient cooling solutions for high-capacity transformers.
  • Explosion Prevention Systems (SERGI): Incorporating advanced safety measures to mitigate the risk of transformer explosions.
  • Sophisticated Automatics: Equipping transformers with advanced automatic systems for optimal performance and safety.

Cost-Effective Transformer Repairs and Servicing at R&H Supply

For over five decades, R&H Supply has been at the forefront of delivering cost-efficient and time-effective solutions for transformer repairs and servicing:

  • Experienced Repair Services: Our long-standing expertise allows us to adeptly handle complex repair and refurbishment programs for transformers that are damaged or have degraded over time.
  • Focus on Cost and Time Efficiency: We emphasize delivering solutions that are both economical and timely, understanding the importance of minimizing downtime and reducing expenses.

Transformer Upgrades and Life Extension Services at R&H Supply

At R&H Supply, we go beyond repair and refurbishment by offering transformative upgrade and life extension services for transformers:

  • Performance Enhancement: Our services include modifications and improvements to existing transformer designs, aimed at boosting their performance and efficiency.
  • Life Extension Solutions: We provide strategic upgrades that not only repair but also extend the operational lifespan of transformers, ensuring their long-term usability and reliability.

Transformer Field and Site Services at R&H Supply

R&H Supply stands as a premier provider of transformer field and site services, particularly noted for our leadership in the European market:

  • Global Operations: Our reach as a global operator enables us to offer our services across different regions, catering to a diverse client base.
  • Expert Servicing Teams: Our teams comprise experienced professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality and rapid support for all OEM transformers.
  • Comprehensive Service Range: We provide routine inspections and are fully equipped to handle emergency field services, ensuring prompt response in critical situations for all types of transformers.

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