Gas Turbines

As the largest independent service provider, we offer extensive gas turbine services for a broad spectrum of heavy and light industrial frame types. Notably, we are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Fiat Avio and the Mature Westinghouse fleet, underscoring our depth of expertise and capability in this field.

Flexible Gas Turbine Service and Maintenance

As your dedicated partner, we are committed to helping you achieve your operational objectives for gas turbines and other rotating assets. Our team is equipped to support both scheduled and unexpected outages, as well as offer advice on long-term upgrades and improvement initiatives.

Gas Turbine Services Include:

  • Maintenance, Inspection, Repair, Overhaul, and Exchange: Comprehensive service options to ensure optimal performance.
  • Rotor Manufacturing and Overhaul: Expertise in rotor production and maintenance.
  • Rotor Life Extension: Solutions to prolong the operational lifespan of rotors.
  • Parts Manufacturing and Refurbishment: High-quality production and restoration of essential components.
  • Controls, Engineering Upgrades, and Remote Monitoring: Advanced solutions for system control and performance monitoring.
  • Field Service: On-site support and services tailored to your requirements.

Whether your goal is to maximize availability, minimize downtime, increase profitability, reduce maintenance costs, enhance performance, extend equipment life, or a combination of these objectives, we can customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

Learn More About Our Gas Turbine Services

Gas Turbine Component Repairs

We offer specialized gas turbine component repairs across power generation, industrial, and oil & gas sectors. Our state-of-the-art repair and coating facilities are dedicated to developing solutions that enhance the efficiency and longevity of our customers’ gas turbines.

Field and Site Services

As the largest global independent provider of field services, R&H Supply has vast experience in servicing various gas turbine product lines. This includes aero-derivative, light, and heavy industrial gas turbines, as well as components and accessories.

Optimizations and Upgrades

R&H Supply stands out as the only independent provider with the necessary design expertise and responsiveness to deliver rapid solutions through optimizations and upgrades.

Overhaul and Exchange

Our full in-house capabilities enable us to overhaul a range of engine types. We also offer exchange options for sub-15MW gas turbines, providing comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Rotor Life Extension

R&H Supply offers proven and reliable end-of-life solutions for aging fleets. This includes heavy-duty gas turbine frame B, E, and F class units, as well as mature Westinghouse models. Our solutions are engineered to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer standards and recommended end-of-life practices.


We bring more than six decades of OEM manufacturing expertise, ensuring top-tier quality and reliability in every project.


Our parts have a proven track record of reliability, with over 1500 sets in operation and a remarkable zero-failure rate.


All our manufactured and refurbished parts are guaranteed to be 100% interchangeable with original OEM designs, offering seamless integration and consistent performance.

Proven Experience Across OEMs

R&H Supply stands as a testament to excellence in OEM manufacturing, with a deep-rooted history spanning over 65 years. As the official OEM for both Fiat and Mature Westinghouse units, we pride ourselves on our adherence to stringent design standards and processes. This dedication is reflected in our ability to manufacture and repair essential components such as combustion parts, hot gas path elements, compressors, and rotors, not only for these units but also for GE heavy duty gas turbines.

Our expansive global footprint, combined with our unique position as an independent service provider (ISP), enables us to offer unparalleled flexibility and quality in our partnerships. This approach ensures we can significantly enhance the predictability and longevity of your assets, offering solutions that are as reliable as they are innovative.

Westinghouse/Fiat gas turbine experience

  • W251/TG20
  • W501
  • W101/TG7
  • 701D/TG50

GE heavy duty gas turbine experience

  • Frame 5
  • Frame 6B
  • Frame 7B
  • Frame 7E/EA
  • Frame 7F
  • Frame 9

Siemens Energy

  • TA1750
  • TD4000
  • TB5000/TB5400
  • SGT-100-1S
  • SGT-200-1S
  • SGT-200-2S

Pratt & Whitney

  • GG4/FT4

Solar­® Turbines

  • Saturn® 10
  • Centaur® 40
  • Centaur® 50
  • Taurus® 60
  • Mars® 100

Rolls Royce

  • RB211
  • AVON

Searching for a Specific Gas Turbine Part?

Whether it’s buckets, shrouds, nozzles, or more, our inventory is stocked with a vast array of essential gas turbine parts. From hot gas path components and combustion parts to fuel nozzles, we have a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet your needs.

Our capabilities extend beyond just provision; we have full in-house capacity to manufacture gas turbine parts for both OEM and select non-OEM fleets. Additionally, our inventory includes a variety of refurbished and used serviceable parts. All our component repair solutions are meticulously designed to meet or even surpass OEM standards, ensuring quality and reliability.

Discover Our Impact: R&H Supply Case Studies

Explore our portfolio of proven projects from around the globe, where R&H Supply’s expertise has made a significant impact. These case studies demonstrate the tangible results and benefits our services have brought to our customers, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Case study

Regenerating a Refinery Cogen’s Frame 7EA Rotors: This case study details our successful regeneration of Frame 7EA rotors in a refinery co-generation plant, illustrating our expertise in enhancing the longevity and efficiency of critical equipment.

Case study

Gas Turbines Down at 3 Different Plants: A comprehensive overview of our response and solution strategies when faced with simultaneous gas turbine downtimes across three distinct plants, highlighting our ability to manage complex, multi-facility challenges.

Global Presence of Our Gas Turbine Facilities

Our status as a global organization is underpinned by the presence of multiple gas turbine facilities spread across key locations worldwide. From the United States and the United Arab Emirates to Europe, our team of gas turbine experts is strategically positioned to provide prompt and efficient assistance, regardless of where you are.

Our goal is to enable our customers to maintain and operate their capital components with utmost reliability and longevity. We are committed to ensuring that each component operates risk-free for as long as possible, thereby maximizing your return on investment.


Aberdeen – Light Turbines


Houston – Service Shop

  • Alstom – GT24, GT26, GT13E2,
  • Ansaldo Energia – GT36-S5, GT36-S6, GT26, AE94.3A, AE94.2, AE64.3A
  • Capstone – C30, C65, C200, C200S ICHP, C600S, C800S, C1000S
  • Cooper Rolls-Coberra – COBERRA 2348, COBERRA 2448, COBERRA 2556, COBERRA 3045, COBERRA 6256, COBERRA 6462
  • Coppus – TF – 12,16,20,22,23; RL – 12,16,20,22,23; RLA – 12,16,20,22,23; RLH – 19, 24,28; RLHA – 19,24; RLHB – 19, 24; RLV – 12,16,,20,22,23; RLVA – 12,16,20,22,23
  • Dresser Rand – DR-22, GT-22, GT-22C, DJ-125, DR-61G, DJ-125, DJ-125G, DJ-125P, DJ-125R, DJ-200, DJ-200R, DJ-270G, DJ-270R, DJ-290R, GT-52, GT-54, GT-55, JP180, JP-125, GT-51, GT-53, GT-61, KG2, KG2-3C, KG2-3E, KG2-3R, DR-60G, GT-61-16, DR-61, DR-61G
  • Elliott – YR Steam Turbines, Multi-Valve Steam Turbines and High-Speed Turbines
  • FIAT TG50 ​ – TG50D5, TG7 / TG16, TG20, TG50
  • GE – 6F.01, LMS100, LM500, LM1600, LM2500, LM2500+G4, LM2500+, LM5000, LM6000, LM6000 PD/PF and Frame 5/6/7/9
  • Honeywell : LTS101, T5313B, T5317, T53 Turboshaft Engines, Garrett TPE331, Garrett TPE731, Garrett ATF3, Garrett F109, Garrett TPF351, CFE CFE738, Lycoming ALF 502
  • Kongsberg – KG 2 gas turbine
  • MAN Turbo – MGT6000 Series and THM1304 Series
  • Mitsubishi – F-SERIES, G-SERIES, J-SERIES, H-25 Series, H-50 and H-100 SERIES
  • MTU Aero Engine – LM Series (LM 2500, LM5000, LM600), ASE Series (ASE8, ASE40, ASE50 (Vericor)), TF Series (ETF40B, TF40, TF50, (Vericor))
  • Niigata Engineering – NGT2-B, NGT3B-S, NGT3A-S, NGT2B-S, NGT2A-S, NGT2-S
  • Nuovo Pignone -MS5002C-D, PGT 2, PGT 5, PGT 10, PGT 16, PGT 25, MS1002, MS3002, MS3002R, MS2500, MS5001, MS5002, MS5002R, MS6000, MS6001, MS7001
  • Pratt & Whitney – ST18, ST18M, ST40, ST40M, ST5, ST6, ST6B-65, ST6J-70, ST6K-771, ST6L-813, ST6T-75, ST6T-76 , GG4/FT4 and GG8/FT8 Series Caterpillar
  • Rolls-Royce – RB211DLE, Trent 60, Trent 700, Trent 800, Trent 900, Trent 500, Trent 7000, Trent XWB, BR710, BR715, BR725, AE 3007 Regional, TAY, RB211-535E4, RB211-524G/H&-T, AE3007, M250 Turboshaft and RR300
  • Rolls-Royce (Allison) – 501K, 570K, 571K, & 601K
  • Rolls Royce (AVON) – AVON – 1533, 1534, 1535, 1536, 200, 2356, 2366, 2548, RT65
  • ARRIUS – Arrius 2B2, Arrius 2B2Plus, Arrius 2F & Arrius 2G1
  • ARIEL – Arriel 1D1 / 1E2, Arriel 1S1, Arriel 2B1 & Arriel 2C / 2C2
  • Arrano – Arrano 1Ae
  • MTR390 – MTR390 2C, MTR390 E
  • Ardiden -Ardiden 1H1 (Shakti) / 1U, Ardiden 3C / WZ16, Avicopter AC352 & Ardiden 3G
  • Makila – Makila 1A1 / 1A2 / 1K2 & Makila 2A / 2A1
  • RTM322 – RTM322 01/9, RTM322 02/8, RTM322 01/12
  • Aneto – Aneto-1K
  • Siemens: SGT-100, SGT-200, SGT-300, SGT-400 Gas Turbine (13 MW), SGT-500, SGT-600, SGT-700, SGT-750 and SGT-800, V94.2 ver.3, V94.2 ver.7, SGT-4000f v94.3A, W-251B, W-251B12 , CW191/101, CW251, CW351, and W501 Series
  • SOLAR – SATURN 20, CENTAUR 40 & 40S, CENTAUR 50 & 50S, TAURUS 50 & 50S TAURUS 60 & 60S, TAURUS 70 & 70S, MARS 90 & 90S, MARS 100 & 100S CENTAUR T-4700, TURBOMACH TBM-C40, TURBOMACH TBM-S20, MERCURY 50, MERCURY 50RS, SATURN 10, SATURN T1200, SATURN T1300, Titan 130
  • Terry Turbine – Z-1-J, Z-1, Z-4, ZS-1, ZS-4, ZAT, 18Z, 18ZS, 24Z, 24ZS, E, ES, ESA, G, GANB, SA-520, SA-730, ZV, EV, GLT-260, GLT-360, Z, ZS, GANB, C, CS, CSS
  • Thomassen – TF10, MS1002, MS3002, MS5002, MS5001, MS6001, MS7001, MS9001, LM2500
  • Woodward – 2300, 2301E-ST, 505, 505CC, 505DE, 5009FT, 505E, Atlas II, MicroNet, MicroNet Plus, MicroNet TMR, Peak 150
  • Zorya-Mashproekt – DU80L Gas Turbine (25 MW), UGT 3000UGT 5000, UGT 6000, UGT 6000+, UGT 8000, UGT 15000, UGT 15000+, UGT 16000, UGT 25000

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