Power Generation

Explore our comprehensive suite of engineering and rotor solutions, meticulously crafted for the power generation sector. Our offerings encompass component repair, optimization, and upgrades, along with replacement parts. We also provide extensive field services to ensure optimal performance and reliability in power generation.

Enhancing Your Performance

Our role as an independent service provider equips us with the agility to swiftly address your power generation challenges. We implement practical, effective solutions designed to enhance the performance of your critical assets. Our services are crafted to deliver reliable improvements, impacting every aspect of your value chain.

Power Generation Services at R&H Supply

R&H Supply offers a comprehensive suite of services specifically designed for the power generation industry.

Gas Turbines

As a full-service provider, we offer gas turbine solutions compatible with a variety of OEMs, and serve as the OEM for certain mature engines.

Steam Turbines

Enhance your steam turbine’s reliability and efficiency. Our industry-leading solutions include engineered strategies and comprehensive support for both scheduled and emergency maintenance.


Our services encompass a wide range of generator needs, from manufacturing stators and rotors to providing complete generator winding kits.


We specialize in designing and manufacturing new grid transformers, autotransformers, Generator step-up (GSU), and other specialized transformers.

Field Services

Our field services for turbomachinery boast 24/7 availability, swift mobilization, and an industry-leading safety record.

Operations and Maintenance

Comprehensive facility operations and maintenance services for power generation facilities, delivered by a trusted third party.

Minimizing Your Business Risks

Our solutions, specifically designed for the power generation sector, empower you to enhance efficiency dynamically. This approach provides the flexibility to effectively reduce risks and minimize environmental impact, all on your terms. We ensure your business operates more securely and sustainably.

Our Power Generation Expertise

Plants We Serve

Natural Gas: Specializing in services for natural gas power plants.

Biomass: Expertise in biomass energy generation.

Geothermal: Providing solutions for geothermal energy plants.

Hydro Energy: Services for hydroelectric power facilities.

Nuclear Plant (Control System & Steam Turbine): Specialized in nuclear plant control systems and steam turbines.

Waste to Energy: Solutions for waste-to-energy power generation.

Wind / Solar Farm (Transformers): Expertise in supporting wind and solar farms, particularly with transformers.

Areas of Expertise

Simple Cycle: Proficiency in managing simple cycle power operations.

Combined Cycle: Expertise in combined cycle power generation.

Mobile Power Plant: Specialized in mobile power plant operations.

Grid Equipment (Transformers): Comprehensive solutions for grid equipment, including transformers.

A Trusted Partner

With over four decades of experience, R&H Supply has become a globally recognized and dependable partner in the Power Generation sector, known for our proficiency with critical rotating equipment.

Enhancing Asset Predictability

Our commitment to quality services and partnership means we’re with you through every phase of your operation’s life cycle. This approach not only enables future predictability but also maximizes the potential of your critical assets, extending the capability and longevity of your projects.

Oil & Gas Case Studies:
Demonstrating Real-World Impact

Explore our case studies to see tangible examples of our achievements in the oil & gas industry. Discover how we can bring similar results to your operations.

Case study

Multi-OEM Gas Turbine Maintenance Contract with SEIC: A comprehensive showcase of our maintenance expertise across various OEMs.

Case study

KTR-R&H Supply Turnaround Completion: Highlighting our capabilities in efficiently managing and completing major turnaround projects.

Global Reach of Our Oil & Gas Services

Our extensive network of service facilities spans the globe, ensuring we’re always ready to assist you, wherever you are. From Houston to Aberdeen, our expert engineering teams are strategically located in the world’s key oil & gas hubs, providing accessible and prompt support.


Aberdeen – Light Turbines


Houston – Service Shop

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