Supporting Services

At R&H Supply, our suite of supporting services is meticulously crafted to provide tailored value across various operational aspects.

Steel Construction at R&H Supply

R&H Supply excels in the production of large-scale steel constructions:

  • High-Quality Steel Components: We are equipped to manufacture steel components up to 280 tons, ensuring top quality in every piece.
  • Specialization in Large Steel Constructions: Our expertise extends to various types of large steel construction fabrications, catering to a broad range of industrial needs.
  • Specialization in Large Element Machining: Our expertise encompasses a wide range of machining works, specifically for large elements.
  • Full-Scope Machining Services: We offer comprehensive machining services, ensuring all aspects of your project are covered.
  • Well-Equipped Machine Park: Our advanced and versatile machine park enables us to handle complex machining tasks.
  • Customized Service Approach: We are committed to adapting our services to meet the specific manufacturing and machining requirements of our customers, particularly in power plants and other industrial sectors.
  • Precision and Quality Assurance: Thanks to our precision machining and advanced welding processes, we guarantee high-quality results in all our products.
  • Manufacturing Capacity: We produce various types of large steel constructions, with the ability to handle components weighing up to 280 tons.
  • Specialization in Generator Components: Our focus includes manufacturing components for Siemens Energy generator frames, such as generator stator housings, frame steel structures, and more.
  • Diverse Product Range: We cater to a wide array of needs, including frames for nuclear power plant generators, generator bed plates, turbine elements, and frames for hydrogen-cooled generators.
  • Qualified Supplier for Siemens Energy: Our commitment to high-quality products has earned us the status of a qualified supplier for Siemens Energy generator parts.
  • Certifications and Standards Compliance: R&H Supply holds the SLV certificate, affirming our qualifications in line with ISO standards and ASME standards.

Destructive Tests:

  • Tensile Strength Test: Capable of testing up to 40 tons to assess the material’s strength.
  • Bending Resistance Test: Also up to 40 tons, to evaluate the bending durability of materials.
  • Material Hardness Test: Determining the hardness level of various materials.

Non-Destructive Tests:

  • Visual Inspection: A basic but crucial examination of components.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection: Employing both dry and wet methods for detecting surface and subsurface flaws.
  • Penetration Inspection: A method to reveal surface-breaking defects.
  • Ultrasonic Inspection: Using high-frequency sound waves to detect internal flaws.
  • X-Ray Radiography: Providing a detailed view of the internal structure of components.
  • Surface Hardness and Smoothness Tests: Assessing the external quality of materials.
  • Welding Integrity Tests: Ensuring the quality and safety of welding joints.
  • Pressure Test: Utilizing hydro and air pressure to check the integrity and strength of components under pressure.

As a leading global independent provider, R&H Supply offers extensive field services with a focus on pumps, valves, balance of plant (BOP), and pressure equipment:

Extensive Service Experience:

  • Wide Range of Services: Specializing in servicing a diverse array of equipment with the expertise and resources comparable to a major OEM.
  • Reputation for Responsiveness and Innovation: Known for our quick response times and innovative solutions that address complex challenges.

Comprehensive On-Site Capabilities:

  • Complete Outage Management: Offering full-service outage planning, including safety and inspection processes.
  • Engineering and Project Support: Providing full-time engineering support and effective project implementation.
  • Parts Supply and Advanced Technology: Supplying necessary parts and employing advanced on-site technologies like CNC milling and sub-arc welding.
  • Focus on Safety: Prioritizing safety above all, ensuring all operations adhere to the highest safety standards.

Commitment to Efficiency and Quality:

  • Timely and Cost-Effective Solutions: Aiming to complete maintenance events on time and within budget while maintaining high technical performance.
  • 25+ Years of Field Service Experience: Leveraging extensive experience to support maintenance planners, outage managers, and project engineers in exceeding service delivery expectations.

Extensive Manufacturing and Repair Experience:

  • 20+ Years in the UAE: Specializing in manufacturing and repairing API 16A components with over two decades of experience.
  • Advanced Workshop Facilities: Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines and a broad range of capabilities.

Diverse Product Range:

  • Valves: Expertise in machining various types of valves.
  • BOP (Blowout Preventer): Specialized in manufacturing and repairing BOPs.
  • Choke Manifold: Providing comprehensive solutions for choke manifolds.
  • Drilling Components: Catering to a wide array of drilling component needs.

Full-Service Capabilities:

  • Manifold Reconditioning and Repair Services: Offering complete reconditioning and repair services for manifolds.
  • One-Stop Solution for API 16C Services: Ensuring customers can have all their API 16C services completed in one location, streamlining the process and eliminating the need to manage multiple service providers.

High-Volume Manufacturing and Monogramming:

  • High-Volume Manufacture with CNC Machines: Equipped to handle large orders efficiently and swiftly.
  • Standard API Design Monogramming: Capable of monogramming items for standard API designs.
  • API 6A Component Repair/Refurbishment: Offering repair and refurbishment services for API 6A components.

R&H Supply offers a comprehensive range of shop repair services, leveraging our expertise and long-standing industry experience:

Wide Range of Shop Repair Services:

  • Valve Repair and API Testing: Specialized in valve repairs and conducting API standard testing.
  • Drilling and Wellhead Equipment Repair: Providing repair services for critical drilling and wellhead equipment.
  • X-Mas Tree Repairs and Modifications: Handling repairs and modifications for X-mas trees in oil and gas operations.
  • Choke Manifold Repairs and Modifications: Expertise in repairing and modifying choke manifolds.

Expert Diagnostic Services:

  • Dedicated Inspectors: Our experienced inspectors can accurately diagnose issues and recommend actions, backed by detailed inspection reports.

Proven Repair and Overhaul Processes:

  • Compliance with Standards: Our repair and overhaul processes comply with national and international standards, ensuring high-quality service.
  • Collaboration with Equipment Owners and OEMs: We have a history of working closely with equipment owners, operators, and OEMs, ensuring our services are aligned with industry best practices.

Personalized and Value-Driven Service:

  • Dedicated Managers: Our managers are trained to understand your business intricacies and provide personalized services that anticipate and meet your needs.
  • Focus on Delivering Value: Our approach is tailored to deliver substantial value to your organization, ensuring satisfaction and operational efficiency.

R&H Supply places a strong emphasis on developing service agreements that are mutually beneficial and tailored to each client’s unique needs:

Tailored Contract Structures:

  • Strength in Agreement Flexibility: We excel in crafting contract structures and terms that align with both our capabilities and the client’s requirements.
  • Master Service Agreements: These agreements are designed for efficiency, eliminating delays due to quoting processes and agreeing on pre-determined prices for standard work scopes.

Custom-Built Contracts:

  • Understanding Unique Customer Needs: Recognizing that each customer has distinct requirements, our contracts are highly flexible.
  • Personalized to Fit Your Business: Our service agreements are custom-built to align closely with the specific needs and objectives of your business, ensuring optimal service delivery and satisfaction.

R&H Supply brings a high level of expertise and dedication to Blowout Preventer (BOP) inspection, repair, and certification:

Experienced Quality Control Team:

  • Expert BOP Inspection: Our quality control team is highly experienced in BOP inspection, ensuring comprehensive and reliable checks.
  • Commitment to Safety, Quality, and People: We prioritize these core values in all our services, ensuring that every aspect of our BOP inspection and repair is thorough and addresses all potential issues.

Professional and Efficient Service:

  • Detailed Reporting: We provide professional reporting, offering clear and concise information about the status and condition of your BOP.
  • Fast and Flexible Solutions: Our approach is to offer quick and adaptable solutions with a quick turnaround, minimizing downtime for your operations.

In-House Repair and Overhaul Capabilities:

  • Extensive Repair Experience: We possess substantial experience in the repair and overhaul of BOPs.
  • Well-Equipped Abu Dhabi Workshop: Our expansive workshop in Abu Dhabi is equipped to handle nearly any repair scope in-house, ensuring timely return of your BOPs to service.

Oilfield Services at R&H Supply in the Middle East

R&H Supply offers a comprehensive array of oilfield services in the Middle East, tailored to meet the needs of this dynamic sector:

  • Diverse Service Range: Our offerings include engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, overhaul, and repair services, covering a broad spectrum of oilfield needs.
  • Advanced Service Centres: The R&H Supply Service Centres in the Middle East are equipped with both light and heavy machine capabilities, ensuring we can support all types of repair and manufacturing disciplines.

Proven Solutions in Operations and Maintenance at R&H Supply

R&H Supply’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services are grounded in extensive experience and expertise, covering a wide array of equipment and technologies from all the major OEMs in combustion turbine and steam turbine equipment.

Case study

10 Years of O&M Solutions for SMUD: This case study details a decade-long journey of providing comprehensive O&M solutions for SMUD, highlighting our adaptability and long-term commitment to excellence in power generation.

Case study

Turnkey O&M for Caithness Moxie Freedom: An in-depth look at our turnkey O&M services for the Caithness Moxie Freedom project, showcasing our capability to manage complex power generation facilities efficiently.

Material Handling Services

R&H Supply’s Union Field Services offer comprehensive material handling solutions, catering to a wide range of industry needs:

  • Versatile Service Range: Whether it’s small installations or large-scale, multimillion-dollar operations, we are equipped to handle diverse material handling requirements.
  • Industry-Wide Applications: Our conveyor operations provide tailored solutions across multiple industries, ensuring effective and efficient material handling.

Extensive Experience and Expertise:

  • Over 40 Years of Industry Knowledge: Armed with extensive experience, our team is adept at handling complex conveyor repair and maintenance tasks.
  • Timely, Reliable, and Cost-Efficient Service: We prioritize delivering solutions that are not only effective but also timely and cost-conscious.

Comprehensive Material Handling Solutions:

  • Wide Range of Services: From routine inspections to emergency repairs, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of material handling.
  • High-Quality Service Delivery: Our commitment to quality ensures that every service we provide meets the highest standards.

Ready for Emergencies:

  • 24/7 Availability: Our materials handling specialists are available around the clock, ensuring swift response times in emergency situations.
  • Well-Equipped Fleet: With a complete fleet of tooled service trucks, we are always prepared to respond to your needs promptly and effectively.

R&H Supply provides a comprehensive range of services for various materials handling system equipment:

Our Service Range Includes:

  1. Overhead Self Supporting Bridge Crane: Specialized services for maintenance, repair, and inspection.
  2. Pallet Accumulation Conveyor: Expertise in ensuring optimal functioning through regular upkeep and timely repairs.
  3. Overhead Power & Free Conveyor: Maintenance and repair services tailored for this specific conveyor type.
  4. Multi-Strand Chain Conveyor: Skilled in handling all aspects of maintenance and repair.
  5. Unibilt Enclosed Track Conveyor: Providing detailed inspections and necessary repairs or maintenance.
  6. Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor: Services to maintain, inspect, and repair these robust conveying systems.
  7. Belt Conveyor: Comprehensive solutions for the maintenance and repair of belt conveyors.
  8. Webb-AlumiTrack: Specialized services focused on this unique conveyor system.
  9. Fabrication: Offering repair and maintenance services for fabricated materials and components.

Our team is equipped with the expertise and tools needed to ensure the efficient and safe operation of your materials handling equipment.

R&H Supply stands out for its comprehensive services and capabilities, making it an ideal choice for various construction, maintenance, and repair needs:

Key Advantages:

  1. Los Angeles City Certified Fabricator: Recognized for adhering to high-quality fabrication standards.
  2. Structural Stamping Capability: Expertise in structural stamping, ensuring precision and quality.
  3. Permit Services: Assistance with necessary permits, simplifying legal and regulatory processes.
  4. Comprehensive Engineering Services: Offering both in-house and external engineering expertise.
  5. 24/7 Availability: Ready to respond to your needs around the clock.
  6. Well-Equipped Service Fleet: A complete fleet of tooled service trucks for on-site assistance.
  7. Quality Assurance: Rigorous auditing and monitoring to maintain high standards.
  8. Health, Safety, and Environmental Training: Industry-leading training programs for a safe and responsible work environment.
  9. In-Depth Craft Specific Training: Formal in-house and external training to ensure top-level craftsmanship.
  10. Extensive Company Network: Access to a wide network of resources and expertise.
  11. Financial Stability: A solid financial foundation ensuring reliable and uninterrupted service delivery.

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