Explore our diverse array of services tailored for industrial applications. We specialize in turbines, compressors, components, and fuel nozzles, offering comprehensive testing, overhaul, repair, and exchange services. Additionally, our expertise extends to the design, construction, and machining of high-quality steel components, ensuring top-tier solutions for your industrial needs.

Enhancing Your Performance

Our role as an independent service provider equips us with the agility to swiftly address your unique challenges. We implement practical, effective solutions designed to enhance the performance of your critical assets. Our services are crafted to deliver reliable improvements, impacting every aspect of your value chain.

Our Comprehensive Services

R&H Supply offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to various industries, focusing on turbines, generators, and transformers.

Gas Turbines

As a full-service provider, we offer gas turbine solutions compatible with a variety of OEMs, and serve as the OEM for certain mature engines.

Steam Turbines

Enhance your steam turbine’s reliability and efficiency. Our industry-leading solutions include engineered strategies and comprehensive support for both scheduled and emergency maintenance.


Our services encompass a wide range of generator needs, from manufacturing stators and rotors to providing complete generator winding kits.


Expertise in inspecting, repairing, reverse-engineering, and rebuilding centrifugal, axial, and integrally geared compressors from any OEM.


We specialize in designing and manufacturing new grid transformers, autotransformers, Generator step-up (GSU), and other specialized transformers.

Field Services

Our field services for turbomachinery boast 24/7 availability, swift mobilization, and an industry-leading safety record.

Minimizing Your Business Risks

Our industrial solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of your business. This tailored approach allows you to dynamically enhance efficiency while also providing the flexibility to reduce risks and environmental impacts, all on your terms. With our support, your business can operate more securely and sustainably.

Our Industrial Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Simple Cycle: Proficiency in managing simple cycle power operations.

Combined Cycle: Expertise in combined cycle power generation.

Mobile Power Plant: Specialized in mobile power plant operations.

Grid Equipment (Transformers): Comprehensive solutions for grid equipment, including transformers.

Plants We Serve

Automotive: Delivering specialized services for the automotive industry.

Food and Beverage: Offering tailored solutions for food and beverage plants.

Pharmaceutical: Expertise in supporting pharmaceutical facilities.

Pulp and Paper: Providing critical services for pulp and paper mills.

Steel Mills: Specialized support for the operations of steel mills.

Textiles: Tailored solutions for the textile industry.

A Trusted Partner

Boasting over 40 years of experience in the Industrial sector, R&H Supply has become a globally recognized and reliable partner for critical rotating assets.

Enhancing Asset Predictability

Through our partnership and commitment to quality services, we support you throughout the entire life cycle of your critical assets. This enduring support ensures predictable stability, allowing you to extend operational capabilities and effectively adapt to industry fluctuations.

Real Results in the Industrial Sector

Dive into our case studies to see concrete examples of our success in the industrial field. Learn how our tailored solutions have made a real-world impact and explore the possibilities we can bring to your business.

Case study

Partnership Powers Paper Production Propulsion: A showcase of how our collaborative efforts have boosted efficiency and productivity in paper production.

Case study

70,000 MW per Year Increase via ECOMAX: Demonstrating our achievement in significantly enhancing power generation capacity through the implementation of ECOMAX technology.

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